Informacje dotyczące instalacji Hitachi L46vn05u

Instalacja Hitachi L46VN05U jest łatwa i wygodna. Przed zainstalowaniem telewizora należy włączyć odbiornik, a następnie połączyć go z odpowiednimi urządzeniami peryferyjnymi. Instalacja obejmuje podłączenie kabla antenowego lub kabla satelitarnego do gniazda antenowego w odbiorniku, wybranie języka i kraju, a także skonfigurowanie systemu skanowania i ustawienia wielkości obrazu. Wszystkie te czynności można wykonać, korzystając z menu ekranowego instalacji odbiornika. Po ukończeniu instalacji odbiornik jest gotowy do pracy.

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Treatment Facilities


Hitachi Digital Media Group


Hitachi Europe Ltd - Digital Media Group (UK)
Whitebrook Park, Lower Cookham Road,
Maidenhead, Berkshire

Phone No:

+44 (0)1628 58 5000

Product Information

  • Document Number:
  • Product category as in WEEE Directive: Consumer equipment > TV sets
Producer's Product Family: LCD Televisions Model Number:L46VN05USingle products identified by brand and model name:See product for detail:
Volume and/or weight:No Pressure Level:
Discharge Method:
Component or MaterialRemarks/Location
Battery (internal *) containing Mercury (Hg)/ NiCad/Lithium/ OtherExists:
Backlighting lamps of LCD/TFT or similar screens containing Mercury (Hg)Exists: Yes Mercury (Hg) in other applications**Cadmium** No Gas discharge lampsPlastic containing brominated flame retardants other than in Printed Circuit Assemblies *** Liquid Crystal Displays with a surface greater than 100 cm2Capacitors with PCB’sCapacitors with substances of concern**** + height > 25 mm, diameter > 25 mm or proportionately similar volumeAsbestosRefractory ceramic fibersRadio-active substancesBeryllium OxideOther forms of BerylliumGasses - which fall under Regulation (EC) 2037/2000 and all hydrocarbons (HC)Components with pressurized gas which need special attention (Pressure > 1, 5 bar) *****Liquids ***** if volume > 10 cl (=100ml or equivalence in weight, e. g. for PCB, oil... )Mechanical components that store mechanical energy (i. e. springs) or equivalent parts which need special attention *****(diameter > 10 mm and height > 25 mm or proportionally similar volume and expanding)

* Internal means that batteries can only be removed by opening the product by means of (a) tool(s).

** Substances are considered to be in the product if present above the levels specified in Commission Decision 2005/618/EC related to Directive 2002/95/(EC) (RoHS Directive) or if their use is permitted through exemptions in the Annex of Directive 2002/95(EC).

Producers' note: Mercury (Hg) and Cadmium are to be marked as ""Exist"", even if their use is permitted through exemptions in the Annex of Directive 2002/95(EC). "

*** To be coherent with industry current standards and practices on tracking of plastic parts, Directive 2002/96 (EC) Annex II requirement is understood to focus on plastic parts that weigh more than 25 g.

Producers' note: Brominated flame retardants include all kind of brominated flame retardant, not only PBB and PBDE. "

**** Substance of concern other than PCB, to be specified/ addressed further in the context of Directive 2002/96 (EC)? Annex II national requirements and European developments.

***** Needs of equivalent nature as those for maintenance, service manuals and installation for safety purposes.

Producers' note: "Exist" means substances are considered to be in the product or there is a possibility to be in the product. Substances which are not specified in RoHS Directive, are considered to be in the product if use of the substances is intentional or content is obvious.

Producers' note: The definition of "Product" does not include any materials or components which are added after the product has been put on the market.

Informacje dotyczące instalacji Hitachi L46vn05u

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Ostatnia aktualizacja Informacje dotyczące instalacji Hitachi L46vn05u